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Village Blacksmith's Inn is located near the Miehikkälä town centre on the south-east border. It is about 20 km from the Vaalimaa border station, about 70 km from Lappeenranta, about 70 km from Vyborg, about 70 km from Kotka, about 45 km from Hamina and about 190 km from Helsinki.

Village Blacksmith's Inn is a small accommodation space for 2-3 persons with a small kitchen, microwave, coffee maker, tableware, wood-burning stove, shower, toilet, tv and wireless internet connection.

Village Blacksmith's Inn has been renovated in spring 2013 for the purpose of accommodation. The yard and the surroundings still wait for the finishing touch. For instance a 30-meter long recreation pool is being built on the yard area.

Nearby you will find a horse riding stable, gym with a pool, Salpa line museum and tennis court.
Store, health centre, pharmacy, school, library, post office, restaurant and flea markets.

Kyläsepän Maja
Muurikkalantie 8
tel. +358 443 447 449
Aila Korpela